Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Bag 011 - Turn Lock

A bag that's perfect for work or shopping! We call it the "Turn Lock". Why?
Only because it is oh so pretty and it also comes with a safety feature.
The safety feature is a very sturdy turn & lock clasp!
Made out of PU Leather, it really is worth every penny you spend!
Comes in three colours - Grey, Black & Cream.

As seen on model, GREY.
It is worn on the shoulder.

As seen on the model, CREAM.
Can also be worn like a tote of course! :)

And lastly, BLACK.

The three available colours.
Black, Cream, Grey.

The turn and lock clasp.

The details on the inside of the bag.

Price : RM65.
Status : All were SOLD.

*The one in grey has a slight defect on it, so we're letting it go at RM60.
(Email us for more details, yeah?)

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